Latex, unlike other clothing that can be thrown in the washing machine or folded in the back of the draw, needs a little more love and care.

Please take the time to read our guidelines below on how to look after your items.

1.     Avoid contact with sharp objects. It is always best to remove jewellery before dressing and be careful with long nails.

2.     Keep away from UV light. This can cause items to discolour and weaken over time.

3.     Clean items in lukewarm water with a mild soap. Massage the soap water into the latex, rinse and leave to air dry. If you need to dry pocket, pleats or folds, use a clean dry towel.

4.     To keep you latex in the best condition for longer, once dry dust with odour free talcum powder and store in your  zip lock bag in a dark place. Your items will come delivered like this.

5.     Ensure your latex does not come into contact with metals, including buttons, buckles, piercings, metal hangers, zips, clips etc. Particularly light colours as this will permanently stain the fabric.

6.     Always use talcum powder or an oil free lubricant inside the latex clothing before dressing. Garments can rip or tear if you skip this step and we cannot be responsible for damage caused in this manner.

7.     Keep away from open flames or any intense heat as latex will melt instantly.